I am a researcher and a designer who is passionate about making science easily comprehensible and available for all. My work focuses on increasing the efficiency and accessibility of scientific communication through thoughtful design and art. I specialize in creating illustrations and inforgraphics to be used in conferences, articles, and blogs; and I also develop high-end visual materials for lab experiments.

I visualize ideas, because this is the way I understand and remember them. I am both an abstract and a visual thinker; I learn and reason by ‘seeing’  ideas and components of theories as if they were physical objects in an imaginary space. Strengthened by a scientific background, my abstact/visual way of thinking grants me the ability to instinctively make connections between phenomena and reduce complex theories to their essences; and my design skills allow me to solidify these connections and essences in highly communicable graphics.

Motivated by the enthusiastic reception of my works so far, I am currently turning my ideas into a larger project and hoping to be able to contribute to spreading of scientific knowledge through my work in the future.

If you’d like to find out more about me, you can reach my resume through my Linked-in profile.